Promotion Company of Illinois - Motorola Branded Merchandise
Golfers Appointment Calendar I Love America Calendar America the Beautiful Calendar
2701-MS - Golfers Appointment Calendar
100% reimbursable

This calendar highlights fantastic holes from golf around the United States and includes details of each.
Price 1.38 Minimum 100
2702-MS - I Love America Calendar
100% reimbursable

Patriotic spirit fills this calendar through beautiful images and inspirational quotes from past presidents and notable Americans.
Price 1.38 Minimum 100
2703-MS - America the Beautiful Calendar
100% reimbursable

This calendar is pleasing on many levels with beautiful images and delicious recipes from across the United States.
Price 1.38 Minimum 100

Hang-up Calendar Jumbo Planning Calendar Desk Pad Planner
2704-MS - Hang-up Calendar
100% reimbursable

This compact calendar sticks in vehicles or on file cabinets, refrigerators and more - promoting your message all year.
Price .44 Minimum 100
2705-MS - Jumbo Planning Calendar
100% reimbursable

Tinned at the top and bottom, this handy calendar is in a span-a-year format.
Price 1.45 Minimum 100
2706-MS - Desk Pad Planner
100% reimbursable

Desk pads keep a customer's name in front of potential clients on a daily basis.
Price 3.45 Minimum 100

Select Monthly Planner Monthly Planner
2707-MS - Select Monthly Planner
100% reimbursable

Planner features one month on each two-page spread, along with six months on left column and ample space for notes. There is a one-year planning calendar and space for frequently called numbers as well.
Price 3.08 Minimum 100
2708-MS - Monthly Planner
100% reimbursable

This slim and lightweight planner is perfect for busy people on the go. Lined dated blocks with ample space for notes and appointments.
Price 2.08 Minimum 100
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